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Sentinels of hearing training

The Association of People with a Hearing Impairment (APDA) has been receiving testimonies for several years from the hearing impaired seniors or their loved ones who encounter major communication problems in their living environments. In collaboration with the CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale and Prévost Audioprothésistes, the APDA has created online training adapted for care personnel, in particular for accelerated training cohorts in order to meet the needs caused by COVID-19.

The objectives of the training are: to identify the needs of people with a hearing impairment and strategies to promote understanding of people with hearing loss, to recognize different technical and technological tools promoting communication and the roles of the various resources that can offer help for the deaf person.

To have access to the training for free, you can connect directly by filling out the form below. WARNING: YOUR BROWSER (OFTEN GOOGLE CHROME) MAY PREVENT PLAYING THE VIDEO, TRY WITH EDGE, SAFARI OR FIREFOX.

The training lasts one hour 20 minutes. Participants will be able to comment and ask questions at the email address: . All those who have taken the training will receive the Sentinel Hearing Guide by email as well as an evaluation questionnaire in order to complete the training.

By registering, you will receive a thank you email confirming your participation. If you don't receive your certificate, check your spam folder .

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