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Our mission

The Association of People with a Hearing Impairment is a community organization whose mission is to promote the social inclusion of people living with a hearing impairment by offering support and mutual aid services, then defense of rights while raising awareness and making the population aware of the needs of these people and their reality.

Our approach

The Association of People with a Hearing Impairment favors a systemic approach to the adaptation of the individual to his environment. Within our body, the hearing impaired is the first agent of its acclimatization. We consider family members to be the primary stakeholders in the person. Since the APDA is an aid and mutual aid organization, we give great importance to volunteers in the adaptation process, which meets the needs of belonging and support on a daily basis. Those in charge of the organization can help individuals who are having problems in their lifestyle. Due to the constant interaction between the hearing impaired and their environment, APDA intervenes by attempting to reduce environmental and behavioral obstacles through communication, information, training and participation in various round tables and specific committees. in order to sensitize political and legislative authorities to the needs and rights of the person living with a hearing impairment.

Our goals

  1. Offer a support and mutual aid service to people living with a hearing impairment.

  2. Raise awareness, train, then inform individuals and stakeholders in the public and private sector about the needs and realities of people living with hearing impairments.

  3. Defend the rights of people living with hearing impairments with regard to disabilities and behavioral and environmental barriers that hinder their full and effective participation in society.

  4. Promote the recognition of the skills, merits and aptitudes of people living with a hearing impairment, as well as their social contributions for better integration into the community.

  5. To raise money or other goods by way of subscription, fundraising and fundraising activities in order to achieve the objectives of the association.

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